Elite Practice Programme

So, simply put this is where it all starts.

Running an Elite accounting practice is often the thing of dreams!

We have designed a training programme that means those dreams become a reality.

You see we run an accounting practice that has created a niche and from just 125 clients we have a team of 11 plus the two directors (no technical work involved for them) that generates operating profits of near 40%.


Through this training programme we have pulled together the best training on how to run an elite accounting practice eliminating the errors and mistakes we have made along the way to give you all the tools you need. This is always around our four pillars of Strategy, Execution, People and Cash and includes:

Creating a vision, mission and values

Learning to break rules but not laws

Sat Nav sales process

How to hire and retain A players

Running a self-managing practice

The practice profit maximiser

So much more…

If you are anything like I used to be (and you can check out my  story here then you will likely have got yourself to a place that looks successful to others but to you look likes lots of hours worked and not a huge monetary reward.

Well, the great news is that we all reach this level where we get to the limits of our own knowledge, beliefs and understanding. The great news is that the limit is there to be broken and we will share with you everything we have learned to allow us to smash through those limits again and again.

If you want to run an elite accounting practice then you need great knowledge, experience and training. Where better to gain that but from someone who is already achieving what you strive to achieve?

Ready to join?

The next best step from here is for me to give you some of my time to help you create a strategy for overcoming the biggest challenge in your practice. In return I’ll tell you more about our programme and what’s involved as well as the investment.

So come tell me your biggest challenge so I can help you create a strategy and action plan to overcome it.