Practice Booster Programme

So, simply put this is where it all starts.

Are you or your accounting practice in need of a boost?

We have put together a great training programme to give you and your accounting practice that extra boost you deserve.

We cover loads of tactical practical training from

Hiring offshore staff

Running a systemised practice

The ideal app-stack

Raising prices for inflation

Running application forms and discovery calls

Firing bad clients

Selling off clients

And much more…

As well as the practical tactical training sessions we also provide you with a guided quarterly strategic planning session. This half day session takes you through a process to come up with the best plan to drive your accounting practice to where you want it to be to provide the lifestyle you want.


This is the exact process we have and still use in our own practice to have taken it from a
600-client low profit general practice to a 125-client high profit strategic specialist practice.


If you want to know more about my story and how I’ve applied all these skills to change my life, that of our team and our challenges along the way then find out about me here.


What’s more you can bring as many partners in your practice or staff as you like for no additional cost.


On top of this you also get our Smart90 strategy software for documenting your strategic plans and ensuring you take the necessary actions to succeed.


As well as this you become part of our online community so you can ask questions and get input from practice owners just like you.


And even more there is an ever expanding video library of resources within the community
of all our past sessions and teachings and we will even share processes and playbooks for
you to use.

To find out more and join simply complete our application form